Beautiful Gratitude

Nov 22, 2022

There is a wonderful 9 yr old boy who had Septicemia and another life threatening illness. Both his feet and hands gradually turned black with the illness. 

The doctors did everything they could to try and eradicate his condition, or at least contain it. It seemed that everything they tried was deemed to be a failure. 

In the end the only option they could come up with to save this particular brave boys life was amputation of both his feet and hands.

Made fully aware of his Predicament, and what was in their opinion needed to be done to save his life, the boy as he lay in his bed the day before his surgery he looked at his blackened soon to be gone hands and in a beautiful loving voice said " Thank you my beautiful hands for all that you have done me..I am eternally grateful"..

This is such beautiful example of how to show and feel gratitude and thanks for the things in our life..I send the most beautiful blessings to this boy and his parents.

This article is published by GG