"Levar" Andromedon

Nov 18, 2022

I am Levar of Andromedon starseed origin.. known as GG in human form, entered the inner dark energy dimensional battlefield. The entrance to this other dimension is through a tube that is rather like a fairground Helter skelter slide, only you are in a condensed tunnel.

The journey seemed to take forever ,as I swirled uncontrollably at what was approximately a 75% angle in a southwesterly direction, but lasted less than a minute. I expected to be in complete darkness when I reached my destination.But like most things on a journey of self understanding, it was completely different. I emerged in a desert

The sand was golden soft and flecks of silver thread glowed brightly, and there was light all around me. I had to blink and rub my eyes rapidly before I saw the forces of light all around me.

The tall Nordic-like beings known to many humans as the Pleadians were there, hundreds of them. To my left were an amazing assembly of white animals.Owls, Leopards,Tigers, Horses,Stags, Elephants, Wolves and Lions. Row upon Row of all graceful and resplendent.

There were dozens of human souls there as well. All humble, glowing and armed with the sword of truth. I realized I also carried this immortal weapon. It had many names "Excalibur" the sword of King Arthur "Colora and Tizana" the sword of Spain's El Cid",Zulitiqar " the sword of Ali Ibn Ali Talib the sin of the prophet Mohammad. "Kuganagi-no-Tsurugi" the Japanese legendary "Grass cutter"."Joyeuse" sword of Charlemagne."Durandel" sword of Roland (Charlemagne,s Paladin)."Legbiter" the sword of Viking King Magnus the 3rd. "Shamshir-e-Zomorridnegag" of King Solomon and "Gougan" the weapon.of the famous Chinese Emperor.

A human of every race,creed, religion,and country,united in consciousness and ready to battle the dark created entities. 13 white elephant,s strolled forward,they held the "Trumpets of Solomon". Then in a beautiful unified chorus of Angelic sound ,they raised them I to the air and blew them.The Christ sound of love reverberated around and cascaded across the ground.

End of Part One

To be Continued

Published by GG