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Global Cooling

I have stated for a few years now, we do not have Global warming, we have in fact the exact opposite..”Global Cooling”.. New York and Japan are just two examples right now, with many more similar events to follow.

Fear not however, Gaia mother earth has gone through this before, it is part of the recalibration of the Earth’s energy and axis as it sheds the old once more and evolves to a new higher frequency vibrational energy.

The elite negative aligned energy beings are constantly pushing out the opposite energy thought pattern consciousness to humanity, IE: global warming in there efforts to keep their agenda on track ,to lull us into expecting heightened warmth, thus weakening our immune system to the cold to come. Be honest how many (maybe even yourself) humans do you know who hate the cold weather, /wet snowy weather, many even live their life by each days weather predictions, thus in effect allowing themselves to be controlled by circumstances.

Yet by simply remembering and even watching now children play in the snow, and splashing rain having  great neutral about all weather patterns ,live the now fully no matter what how it is right now .

Beautiful blessings GG