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The idiots are now geniuses

The word Idiot is derived from the Greek word Idiotes meaning private .

Using the idea taken from Philip K Dick ,s book "Valis" most of humanity are living in their own private realty.

A for the most part controlled illusion 3D dense dark matrix that has engulfed the planet Earth for millennia.

We are (humans) essentially a separate light sovereign aspect of source,god , universe, choose your own word, that has been squeezed into a solid fully functional physical body, to exist on Earth 🌍 and explore different experiences of energy distortions that are trapped in the dark crust of 3D. 

Duality is a separation and distorted energy from the unity of source.Humans are blessed in the fact that we can hold both dark and light energy patterns , vibrations and frequencies within .our consciousness and have the prime directive of free will/choice to choose negative or positive aligned experiences. We are a truly magnificent species in this regard, and it is our main tool to navigate ourselves through this dark dense, controlling,matrix and aid not only ourselves but our planet earth 🌍 to a higher dimensional more connected understanding and awareness of everything that is.

In this precious moment of now more Idiots then ever are becoming geniuses

Blessings in beautiful love,