the colourful beings in love space

Nov 07, 2022

From source and this whole and craving to expand energy and experience everything ,forms evolved into star systems, Which over millions of millenia created the limitless galaxies that exist in our universe. Many many of these are stars . , which are suns, just like our Sun in our Solar system and have planets around the.Modern astrologist,scientist, astrophysicists and the like have estimated there to be between 100 and 400 billion solar systems in our Milky Way galaxy THINK ON THAT🥱..FOR A MOMENT..100,000,000,000 being the lowest estimate.

Because we do not yet know the exact amount , it is estimated there are 💯 billion planets in our Galaxy alone.Upto now the observable estimated number of galaxies in our universe is 125 billion... staggering, and this is just what's known at this moment in humanities evolution.

The biggest question.along with our own (humanities) existence and purpose is the now ever growing need to know as to whether other life forms exist beyond our own.

The massive influx of UFO sightings and their possible occupants and the many many individual claims of physical contact with ET,s and aliens,👽has now forced authorities and governments.of countries (particularly that of the USA) to sanction official investigations and reports Into the subject.

It is my personal belief a select few already know the truth and can already answer lots of the questions. But as with everything in the universal Expansion and growth All will be revealed when it is meant to be.

We humans as a species live on Earth in this 3D reality, where we perceive Length,breadth and width the traditional aspects of 3D and time. The density and lower vibrancy and frequency of 3D dulls our true authentic connection to source and the universal love.of all there is. In 3D we are disconnected from the whole, as we learn to experience duality and understand it is connected to everything.

Linear limited thinking and the density of 3D has squeezed our light bodies into human form and part of this process has caused us to forget who we are and what our purpose truly is. This forgetting or unremembered state and the fog of our reality, and lower vibrancy and frequency has been the biggest reasons as to why we have become so unsure as to the existence of other higher dimensional light energy beings IE: Aliens , ET,s and others.

We have been brought up in a society where we are taught that seeing is believing,.We have lost that childlike joy and happiness of our invisible friends we used to talk and play with and yes they were real, angels ,fairies, that realisation is returning.

I have no idea as to how many ET,s, Alien, Elemental and other beings reside in our Galaxy, let alone our universe, there are probably 💯,s of thousands..I know the universe is teeming with life, you only have to listen, and you hear beautiful sounds,music,winds,and a babble of other activity, nearly all unknown, or are they?

Think about this we gravity yet cannot see or touch it, we know the sky is real,yet cannot physically touch it. We know love through feelings and emotions yet cannot see it.We can watch work yet cannot see it.So many things in our society we accept without being able to touch it see, yet so many still.deny ,even though in their hearts they suspect it possible, the existence of other life Aliens,ET,s etc.

From my perspective, and to aid you in better understanding, everything is energy, that has been emitted from the one creation of source/god/universe,or whatever term you feel comfortable with..our universe contains what are termed as dimensions, twelve of which have been thus far revealed to humanity by various means of contact, like channelling,personal downloads etc by energy entities that exist or have experienced these higher realms.

I simply put these ideas from my own perspective forward to hopefully open your mind to the prospect of other life forms.

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