The Free Fall of the Fashion Designer

The Free Fall of the Fashion Designer

Let’s envision a perfect product.

Not simply a bestseller, but a perfect product.

It is, of course, a product that everybody wears.

You do not need to educate your clients about this product.

They know it already.

They wear it already.

On the top of that, it is a product that everybody wants.

Everyone, who sees you wearing this product, asks: “Where did you get it?

“It is my own brand!” – you answer with a smile,- Would you love to have one?”

“Of course! I absolutely need one! You are amazing!” – follows the answer.

Each and every time.

It is also a product that everybody needs.

People wear it not only because it is beautiful, but in the first place because it is very functional.

In other words – there is a huge demand for this product.

Everyone is a potential client.

And everyone wants to have more than one.

Keeping inventory of the perfect product is very easy.

Please don’t laugh. It is one size fits all.


You do not need to order gazillions of sizes.

You don’t need to make all those different patterns.

You do not need to hire fitting models to make sure your fit is right.

When you ship your product to your clients – you do not have to deal with size returns.

Your perfect product simply fits everybody.

And as if the fact that everybody wants it, that everybody needs it, that one size fits all, is not enough, a perfect product can be worn in multiple ways.

It can be worn as a dress.

It can be worn as a skirt.

It can be worn as a top.

It is very easy to travel with.

It can be worn in the winter and in the summer.

Oh boy, what in the whole world is it?