What I learned from my bullies…

What I learned from my bullies…

I was bullied in high-school, which affected me severely in the way I saw myself.

It was Senior year, the year that was supposed to be fun and the most memorable as we were graduating and saying our goodbyes. But it wasn’t for me.

It all started at a fundraiser where we would auction seniors to be servants of those who ‘bought us’ for a day. Yes, a very screwed up fundraiser idea, but that was a tradition to raise money for our Senior Party.

This was the opportunity for my bullies to take advantage of that day because no one would say anything. So they 'bought' me with others from my class.

They put paint on my hair, they had me sing a “Cow" song all day long and loud so everyone would hear it. I should mention that "Cow" was the nickname one of them had for me. It was humiliating. One of the teachers even came up to me and said: "You are such a great sport", but didn't know these boys were doing these things out of malice.

I was an easy target. I struggled with low self-esteem and self-love, so I didn’t stand up for myself.

I thought doing what others told me, I would fit in, but I barely had any friends. I just couldn't understand what was wrong with me.

I cried so much that day. My mom wanted to go to school to say something, but I didn't let her.

I just had to face those boys every day until graduation. I avoided them as much as I could and ignored them when they would make comments. I felt lonely that year, but I knew after graduation I was not going to see them anymore.

I moved to Nebraska where I was finally FREE.

No one knew who I was, I could just be MYSELF.

I found ALLIE



I allowed myself to take control over my life, and to be the leader of it.

I didn't allow any bullies.

Every decision was based on what I wanted in my life and didn't allow self-doubt to creep in.

  • Pursued my Master's Degree and as a result I could stay longer in the US
  • I found a company that would sponsor my work visa for two terms
  • Pursued also a part-time career in fitness and even competed in a few bodybuilding shows
  • Moved to Miami after 14 years of living in Nebraska
  • Started working in Advertising/Media
  • Pursued a career as a Master Empowerment Coach.

Looking back, I had a mask on trying to be someone who I wasn't. This experience was the result of the believes instilled in me…. That I was naive, that I was too nice and couldn't stand up to anyone because of my "niceness", I was not a leader.

I know when we are growing up we are told a story about who we are and we identify with it. When you start chipping away those layers, we start seeing our true self, which happened to me and the women I have helped in their self-discovery.

This is why I fell in love with Empowerment Coaching, not only because I create a space for the person to chip away the old stories, but because I love helping people find their true potential, improve their self-image, create a different story for themselves, find their ALLIE.

Are you ready to find your true potential?


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